Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Narrative Writing

Once upon a time A little girl named daisy was going to school but suddenly a giant jar went on the top of her. she was hungry  so she was eating her school lunch but the little girl had no more lunch. She had money but she had no way out she was so hungry .A man came he work in a forest he cut down tree he saw the girl and every day the man came to see her the man’s name was bob.

The  girl daisy had not gone outside of the giant jar but the man name bob got his acx  and made a hole in the giant jar. But it was not that big and every day the man gave her food and she did not get hungry.

Then at night when bob was sleeping daisy was trying to get out of the giant jar daisy sleep on the jar and the next day she got out of the jar and she got so happy  she went to the shop’s with her money and bot her school lunch and she went to school.
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