Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Matariki Day

On friday pt england had a fun time in a different class doing different things i was in art and craft.
In art and craft we,made stars we had to make a star on both sides.
How do you think we end matariki? read on to find out

On friday morning we went to class and took the roll when the roll was finish the teacher told us were to go i was in room 8 with Miss parrant and Miss moran we took the roll in that class too.when the roll was finish we got instructions for the stars.when they had finished giving the instructions we got a piece of cardboard then we had to cut the cardboard into a circle and then cut 12 cut around the cardboard.when we did that we got having a piece of string.we made a star but it did not go well. then we did a different colour and it work.then we made another one when we were going to make another one the morning tea bell rang.before morning tea we did a clean up then we ate our morning tea.when morning tea was finished we did some colouring and i made three stars when the stars was finished i glued it on the paper and then we colour around the stars and did the same thing again.then i saw naomi. Naomi is in the same class as me we are in the same home room and literacy.nexts we toke of the stars and coloured them yellow. Then it was lunch time and then the cooking group was cooking before lunch time.they made roasted kumara.then we got giveing lollipops for cleaning the best and seating up the best.then when lunch time was finished we were wachten videos of matariki.then we went to the hall for the end of matariki we showed our stuff to the school and then that was the end of matariki.

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