Tuesday, 3 July 2018

pass the story

Image result for cute cat  and dog cuteOnce upon a time there was a cat name bob and he love eating fish and playing in the park one day he tried to jump over the big pool and he fell in. He asked for help but no one came so he found a big floate and jumped on it. Bob was freezing and was stuck in the middle of the pool with nothing to do. He decided he should try to row to land using his paw. He tried but he was to small so he decided that he should jump so he said 1, 2, ,3 and jumped and he made it to the other end. Bob was quite fat after that event he decided to go to get help from a friend her name was Katy. She was a fashinable white cat that belonged to a mysterious rich family. The rich family cat didn’t mind that the cat always ate trash and hated the light so they just rolled with it. The cat unfortunately passed away and they had to hand the cat back to the vet. They just got another cat after the funnels. A couple day later they really wanted another animal so they got a fish. They were super happy and they took care of the fish better than the cat.bob died because he did not have food.there was a grey cat and a light brown puppy for free and a family got them .
pass the story
pass the story is a game with a iPad or a chrome book or paper but that will be much harder we use chrome books.we had to get in a circle and past it to the next person and we past it on till we get are Owen chrome book.

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