Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Voice to Type

Task Instructions

Read the text from your story. Read it as clearly as you can, as the software will need to pick up your voice as good as possible.

Afterwards copy and paste the text below and using the story, try to fix it up as best as possible. See how many mistakes you made in your reading.

Name of your story:

Bailey’s vist

Photo of your story:

Read your story using voice type here:

Puppies are running across the grass thousands of puppies .puppies were black and some were brown somewhere white with black spots one hubby was read and then there were others were great was great with our way to Mudgee all the puppies have Miley face and wiggly tail cat were sitting on her front step on her eyes were posted she was having to see what happens.

Paste a copy of your voice type result here, and edit it.

Puppies were running across the grass. dozens of puppies.some puppies were black, some were brown some were white with black spots. one puppy was red and shaggy.Another was grey with white muzzle.all the puppies had smiling faces and wagging tails.kat was sitting on her front steps.her eyes were closed.she was having her favorite puppy.

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