Thursday, 22 March 2018

problem solving

Walt: to be able to use a ruler to correctly identify measurement

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

this week number is 278

Walt: to use a range of different strategies to solve money number problems

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

thank you letter

Dear Mr Burt ,

Thank you Mr Burt for teaching us how to kayak it was an  amazing time playing in the water. It was so funny watching people fall off there boat. But the best thing was learning how to kayak.  Thank you for using your time at camp it was so fun i like the prat when the boat was going side to side.
One of my highlight was kayak i like kayak because it was so funny watching people fall off their kayak it was so funny because i thogther that me and my friend was going to fall out of the kayak.but at the end we did not fall off the kayak.

One of my other highlight was the killer zone with Mr J i like killer zone because it was hard  and it was like a challenge we did not come first place but we did enjoy playing.

Thank you  Mr Burt we had a great time and a amazing time leaning a lots about kayak and how the water can make you fall out of an kayak.

Your sincerely


Thursday, 22 February 2018

little new friend

Today Mr Goodwin were making us look after an egg.and the egg was a little friend we had to draw a face on it. Have you had a teacher who made you look after an egg? Mr Goodwin had some egg next he said what we were going to do a challenge he give us some egg and a vivid.we had to draw a face on it .We left the classroom and well we were waiting we cradled them and then we walked to the playground and we were talking about what will we name the egg my name we Zoe.  We were walking to the park next we had to take a photo with the we had to do a  challenge the challenge was to run on the park and try to not crack the egg but it got so hard but i was so lucky that my egg did not crack.We Took are friends on a tour on the playground my friend egg was nearly going to break but it did it.What I think about the egg friend experience it hard.